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The environment

Arabian Oud is committed to protecting the environment and ensures that the Oud harvest, which is vital to the survival of local communities in Cambodia, India and Brunei, remains sustainable. Through an initiative launched by our founder, we plant more than 75,000 agarwood (oud) trees every year to ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy these scents of yesteryear.

We also carefully select the regions where oud will be harvested, and recruit the oud collectors with whom we have chosen to work.

Our team sources and harvests the best wood, and is selected for its ability to identify Aquilaria woods, which produce oud resin, before cutting the trees down.

In addition to the presence of this wood in our signature fragrances, we also supply our clients with agarwood in the form of oil, incense and wood chips.

At Arabian Oud, we strongly believe that by perpetuating traditional methods, we are able to cultivate and nurture our crops despite hazardous conditions.

Our oud collectors use ancestral traditions handed down from one generation to the next as they work to harvest this precious treasure.

At Arabian Oud, we protect nature and ensure the sustainability of the trees.

Arabian Oud and environmental protection!

Arabian Oud believes it is vitally important to protect the environment.

At Arabian Oud, we undertake to reduce our environmental footprint.

Our products are never tested on animals.

Some of our fragrance oils, such as musk (which was originally obtained from animal substances), are produced from synthetic molecules.

At the same time, Arabian Oud is involved in the planting of hundreds of trees per year (mainly in South Asia, the home of agarwood, commonly known as oud wood), thus assisting with reforestation.

These initiatives are a demonstration of our willingness to act to offer you high-quality products that exist in harmony with nature and protect it.